>The End.

>Ok so a lot has changed since the last time I wrote a blog post, firstly I am no longer a student! Uni is finished! Degree Show done! (However New Designers is on the horizon). Into the real world i go…

Im back working at the pottery for the time being earning some pennies for spending in London at New Designers :). First things first though I should probably write about/ post pics of the Degree Show. This could be easier said than done as most of it was a blur to be honest! Anyway here goes…

My concept for Degree Show didnt change much from the ideas I spoke about in the last post, the idea being that I would focus on process. My process began with the creation of sand timers, from the sand timers I created fast sketches (designs), the sand from the timers was used as a raw product for my outcomes from which I created cast rings.

Because I’m not very good as explaining it without visual aids, have a look at the blurb book I created to go along with my show…


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>Degree Show Ramblings…

>OK, so I haven’t been blogging in ages again, there be a shock. I thought that it was about time that I shared some of my ramblings on the topic on everybodys mind at the moment- Degree Show.

This year, I thought that it would be good if I could somehow intertwine themes that have been present in my work for a while such as; time, impermanence, unusual/unconventional materials, Rhino etc etc.

Basically I have come up with the idea that, for degree show my work will be time based. (How apt when it would appear that we have none!). So far I have created my own time pieces, in Rhino, which I have had rapid prototyped, by Shapeways a company based in Holland. These sand-timers, and the time contained within them, then form the basis for my designs.

* Finished timer with silver sections *

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>Today we blow glass


Here are a few pictures of todays workshop activities, experimenting with blowing glass to create forms which will hopefully form part of my degree show work.

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Winter pics from the homeland #2

It was fairly cold over the Christmas break too, luckily the frost makes such nice patterns.

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Winter Pics from the homeland #1

It has to be said winter is my favourite season! I love everything about it, wrapping up warm in scarves and hats, having a sneaky drink for medicinal purposes, sledging, making snowmen, going home for Christmas, seeing friends and family ah the list goes on…
Here are a few of my favourite pictures of winter 2010 in Orkney.
 Snowy scene, taken out of my sitting room window at home in Orkney, Harray looking towards Hoy.
Same again, but this time taken to capture the beautiful blues of the sky that day, a typical big blue Orkney Sky.
 Its not Christmas without socks now is it!
Also I feel that I should point out that this is the where both of the landscape pictures were taken from, my sofa at home. Its nice to have such a beautiful view right outside your window, saves moving to get a good shot, the landscape does it for you! (It was Christmas after all, you have to chillax, its the rules!)

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Christmas Sale time

Here are a few photos of my jewellery I made for the Christmas sale. I think that as a class we all really enjoyed making and selling pieces and I feel that it was a nice way to end the term, a bit of money-making, shiny things and Christmas cheer!

Santa’s grotto under the DoJ stairs filled with shiny things!

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A wee while ago I became the proud? owner of a Lomo Oktomat 8- Lens camera, into which I quickly inserted an illford black and white film and off I set on my photographing way. Here are a few of the results.

The idea with this camera is to capture 8 continuous frames each taken a fraction of a second after the other creating a series of images in a time scale from top left to bottom right. In these examples I moved the camera and the subject was still.


(I have no idea what happened to the 7th frame here)

Anyway this was just a trial run with this little beauty, I’m hoping to capture some good movement and ‘moment in time’ sequences with this camera in the near future. I think a shot out of a train window when going over a bridge, passing all the support structures would be a winner with this camera… to be continued.

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